A320 Type Rating Course


We offer our A320 Type Rating course with APT sessions on our static A320 flight simulator. This simulator allows you to familiarize yourself with the cockpit, procedures, flows, FMA, and more before progressing to FFS sessions. Our instructors boast over 15,000 flight hours and years of experience, ensuring top-quality training.

Additionally, we have agreements with FFS centers in Europe and Tunisia, providing us with a total of 8 A320 FFS (approved for UPRT). The theoretical course takes place in Alicante and Madrid, and you’ll have a maximum of 3 instructors throughout to ensure training quality.

Simcrew Training is approved to conduct all Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) maneuvers in our simulators.

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Language of the course

There is a choice between English and Spanish.

Base Training

4 or 6 Takeoffs and Landings & 1 Go Around in the A320 airplane.

Te ofrecemos nuestro curso de Habilitación de Tipo de A320, que incluye sesiones APT en nuestro simulador de vuelo estático de A320. Este simulador te permite familiarizarte con el cockpit, los procedimientos, los flows, FMA, y más, antes de avanzar a las sesiones de FFS. Nuestros instructores cuentan con más de 15,000 horas de vuelo y años de experiencia, garantizando una formación de alta calidad.

Además, tenemos acuerdos con centros de FFS en Europa y Túnez, que nos proporcionan un total de 8 A320 FFS (aprobados para UPRT). El curso teórico se realiza en Alicante y Madrid, y durante todo el curso contarás con un máximo de 3 instructores para garantizar la calidad de la formación.

Simcrew Training está aprobada para realizar todas las maniobras Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) en nuestros simuladores.

Ponte en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información y dar el primer paso hacia tu Habilitación de Tipo de A320.

A320 Type Rating Course


  • 70 hours as a Pilot in Command

  • Valid IR/PBN license (Instrument Rating / PBN)

  • Valid ME license (Multi Engine)

  • CPL license with ATPL theory or ATPL

  • Class I Medical Certificate

  • MCC Course Certificate

  • English level 4 OACI certificate (minimum)


  • Ground School – 104 hours

  • A320 FBS (APT sessions) – 36 hours

  • A320 FFS sessions – 32 hours

  • A320 FFS Skill Test – 4 hours

Habilitación de Tipo A320 - A320 Type Rating


Subjects such as Performances, Weight and Balance, Systems, Airbus Philosophy and Emergency Procedures, among others, will be covered in the Ground School sessions. Each cadet will receive an A320 CBT (Computer Based Training) and manuals as a part of the A320 Type Rating Course.

To ensure thorough training, the entire Ground School phase, including CBT sessions, is conducted in person. These sessions are facilitated by an instructor who will address all queries as the course progresses.