CCQ A380 – A320

Cross Crew Qualification A380 / A320

Training for a Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ) from the Airbus A380 to the Airbus A320 is intense and short.
During ground school you will learn the Airbus 320 systems through the CBT, and then consolidate your knowledge with support from the instructor as you explore the system’s functionality during normal and abnormal operations on the A320 FBTD.

The Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) sessions are conducted in Level D simulators. The sessions are designed to maximize your handling skills while developing your failure management, situational awareness and decision making.
The course will be conducted according to EASA standards and the failure procedures defined under the approved Operations and Training Manual of Simcrew Training.

Language of the course
There is a choice between English and Spanish

Base Training
4 takeoffs and landings and 1 Go Around in the A320 airplane


  • Valid EASA A380 Type Rating license

  • Minimum of 3 months of operation on A380

  • Minimum of 150 flight hours on A380


  • Ground School – 24 hours

  • A320 FFS – 12 hours + 4 hours Skill Test (2 hours per pilot)